Subsystem of Government Mobile Platform

Date: 2021-05-07

Government Mobile Platform: The Platform enables delivery of public services over mobile devices through various mobile based channels, such as SMS and USSD. The platform has been developed using open source technology and adhere to government of Tanzania ICT standards. This platform connects public institutions for mobile based services and makes the services offered by these institutions available directly to citizen’s mobile devices.

Government Mobile Platform contains the following subsystems:

Government SMS Gateway

The SMS Gateway provides a platform for public institutions to deliver SMS based services to all citizens. The gateway supports both push SMS service (SMS from public institution to Citizens) and pull SMS service (SMS from Citizens to public institution). Public institution can send quick(SMS to a single recipient), group and bulk SMS, has the ability to schedule SMS for later delivery, enables user to have multiple sub accounts and allows easy integration with Institution information systems. Pull service enables citizens to request information from these public institutions.

Government USSD Gateway

USSD gateway is used by the user to send command to an application in text format. This gateway is more interactive than the SMS gateway since it enables the user to submit service requests through an interactive menu and can track the status of those services. USSD service is available through the short code *152*00#.