Government Mobile Platform services

Date: 2021-05-07

Government Mobile Platform offers the following services:

       SMS Pull Services:

This refers to the message originated from citizens (mobile device) and received at server end and server responds with the available information. For example, if someone wants to know about his/her desired services then he/she can send a text message writing the desired key word and sending it to the SMS number 15200.

SMS Push Services:

Push SMS service is a service whereby a message originates from the public institution without a request from the citizen with the aim of alerting citizens about services.For example DAWASCO and TANESCO use this services to notify their customers about monthly bills payments. This message service is for those who want to give their updated information to their customers.


Unstructured Supplementary Services Data (USSD) is a session based service in which a user interacts with menu functions of the specific public institution which operate with the mobile platform. Under this feature, the public institution must have a USSD menu and functional options for each session. These are more interactive and application related. The USSD service will be available when a citizen dials *152*00#.

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