About Government Mobile Platform

Date: 2021-05-07

Mobile Governance (m-governance): is the strategy of utilizing all kinds of wireless and mobile technology, services, applications and devices in delivering Government services to all public institutions, businesses and citizens. It focuses on enabling public sector ICT systems to be interoperable with citizen’s mobile devices. It aims at widening the reach of, and access to public services, especially in the rural areas by exploiting the penetration of mobile phones in the country. It also provides benefits of utilizing continuing innovations of mobile applications in offering Government services. The ultimate objective is to exhaust fully the potential of mobile penetration in the country to improve public service delivery. This strategy is implemented by e-Government Authority which oversees and coordinates e-government initiatives in the Country.

What is Government Mobile Platform?

Government Mobile Platform is a one stop center/area for all Government mobile services in the country since it provides a platform that can be used by all public institutions in the country in delivering their services through mobile devices. Currently the platform enables public institutions to offer services via SMS and USSD channels. In future the platform will allow public institutions to offer service via IVRS and mobile applications installed on mobile phones as well.