FAQs related to accessing Mobile Services

Date: 2021-01-24

1. What is SMS PUSH Service?

The SMS PUSH Service can be used by public institutions to send SMS notifications or updates to citizens. For availing this service, the institution needs to have an account with Government Mobile Platform. This service is available only to public institutions in the country.

2. What is SMS PULL Service?

This service can be used by citizens to send a request for a service or to obtain status updates on their requests through SMS short code 15200.

3. How to open account for SMS PUSH Service?

Public institutions can register themselves for opening a PUSH SMS account by filling the registration form available at http://mgov.ega.go.tz/registration_form. The details provided in the registration form are verified and only on approval, public institutions would be able to use this service.

4. What is USSD?

Unstructured Supplementary Services Data (USSD) is a session based service unlike SMS which is a store and forward service. Users can use USSD to send command to an application in text format. Government Mobile Platform has operationalized short code 15200 for this service. Citizen can dial *152*00# to access government services through USSD.

5. How to access pull SMS service?

To access PULL SMS services, users need to send an SMS to the short code 15200 in the format of: <Keyword> SPACE <Sub-keyword> SPACE <Parameter/argument>.